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The Individualized Learning Program (ILP) is a modified independent study program that allows for a flexible schedule and individual attention. This learning community supports diverse students from all backgrounds in grades 9-12. Students that excel in ILP are motivated and willing to focus on their education. ILP works well for students that want to work independently and get back on track, for example: athletes, upper classmen that want to start taking college courses at the local community colleges, and students that have a hard time concentrating in the classroom environment. ILP provides four academic pathways to assist students in taking the correct courses to reach their post-high school goals. The pathways include the general high school diploma pathway, the college preparatory diploma pathway, PLANS (Public Leadership Apprenticeship Network Sacramento) pathway, and the certificate of completion pathway. Students work independently on the assignments throughout the week. And meet weekly with a credentialed teacher one on one to go over their weekly work. ILP is a nurturing and supportive environment that is accepting applications now. Come check us out!

For more information regarding the Individualized Learning Program offered by Natomas Charter, please click here!


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